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Using the SoundPrint App to Find Quiet Places

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Dining out is a popular pastime. Many of us love heading out to our favorite restaurant to enjoy some delicious food while catching up with friends and family. In fact, dining out has become so popular in the United States that the National Restaurant Association has forecast restaurant revenue to hit a record breaking $863B in 2019.

But one thing that’s also rising with this revenue is the volume of noise in restaurants. It’s estimated that restaurant noise will often climb into the high 70-decibel (dB) range. In some instances, it can even hit the mid-80s dB range (the same level as a diesel truck!). To put that into perspective, normal conversation is around 60 dB. Above 70 dB, it becomes difficult to understand the conversation. And this is for people without a hearing impairment.

Fortunately, there is a solution to help you continue to enjoy dining out. Today, we’re looking at how to find quiet places with the SoundPrint App.

What is the SoundPrint App?

SoundPrint was first launched in New York City in April, 2018. Its founder, Gregory Scott, himself suffered with hearing loss. “I recall many times sitting at a restaurant table feeling completely lost in the conversation while others conversed and connected with each other,” he detailed. “I would often nod my head in unison with the conversation, pretending to hear my companions when I could not, and then idly pass the time by entertaining myself with whatever fiction entered my head.”

To help improve his experience, Gregory would Google “quiet spots” near him. The results, however, often left him frustrated. He found that some places which were listed as being quiet were, in fact, playing loud music. Undeterred, Gregory began to build up his own database of quiet spots. Using a simple decibel meter app on his smartphone, he began identifying quieter venues. This led to the creation of the SoundPrint app.

Using the SoundPrint App to Find Quiet Places

According to their website, “SoundPrint allows you to rate and review places based on their sound levels. This way you can plan your next meeting, date, or family outing around a great place to eat to hear and connect with each other.”

The advantage of the app is that users can actively feed their own experiences back into it. Users are encouraged to rate venues based on how noisy they are. Measurements can be taken with the app’s built-in decibel meter, allowing you to record the venue sound and upload to the database at the same time.

SoundPrint ranks bars, cafes, reading spots, restaurants and more. And when you’re reviewing information about a venue, you know that the feedback is coming from real-time users. As their site says, it’s “like Yelp, but for noise.”

SoundPrint is continuing to build out its database, and encourages users to contribute. So if you’ve visited a quiet venue recently and couldn’t see it on the SoundPrint app, upload it so that other people can enjoy the quiet place too!

If you find yourself struggling to hear in loud environments like restaurants, you may be experiencing hearing  loss. 

Treating a hearing loss with hearing aids can have wide-reaching benefits to your lifestyle. If you’d like to book in a hearing assessment to check for a hearing loss, get in touch with Clear Wave Hearing Center today. Our hearing care specialists are happy to help. Call us today on 507-208-7002 or click here to book your complimentary hearing assessment today.

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