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Why Treating Hearing Loss Can Benefit Your Quality of Life

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Each year, March 3 is celebrated as World Hearing Day. Started by the World Health Organization (WHO), World Hearing Day aims to raise awareness on hearing loss and deafness. In addition, it aims to promote hearing care around the world.

This year’s theme is “Hearing for life: don’t let hearing loss limit you.” The key messages include:

Treating a hearing loss can have many benefits. Improved communication is one, however there are other ways that treating hearing loss can benefit your quality of life.

How Treating Hearing Loss Benefits Your Quality of Life

  1. Better Communication – It may seem obvious, but this is an often underestimated benefit of treating a hearing loss. Treating your hearing loss with hearing aids can improve communication with the people in your life. Hearing impairment can make communication for both parties more difficult. If you have a hearing loss, you may worry about asking people to repeat themselves. For someone with normal hearing, they may feel that the hearing impaired individual isn’t listening to what they are saying. For more communication tips with a hearing loss, read our blog here.
  2. Help Keep Your Brain Sharp – Ongoing research is pointing to a link between Alzheimer’s disease and untreated hearing loss. No reason for the connection between the two has yet to be fully established. However, there are theories on what the links could be.  These include: changes in brain function, where parts of your brain involved with hearing may start to work differently. Untreated hearing loss also means your brain has to work much harder to understand what people are saying. This increases cognitive load (literally the amount of work your brain is having to do!). By the end of the day, this can leave you feeling exhausted.
  3. Benefit Your Mental Well Being – Social interaction is an important part of our mental well being. Untreated hearing loss can unfortunately lead to social isolation. The fear of embarrassment as a result of a hearing loss causes many to simply stay at home. Treating a hearing loss can help eliminate this fear, and improve your likelihood of enjoying social interactions again.
  4. Look After Your Physical Health – Hearing loss can be caused by an underlying medical condition. High blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and diabetes are a few conditions that have been linked to hearing loss. A study published by Harvard University highlighted that hearing loss is 54% more likely if you have heart disease. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) state that hearing loss is twice as common in those with diabetes. Monitoring your hearing and proactively taking care of your hearing health can help protect your physical health too.
  5. Safety – Your ears play an important role in your safety. They will alert you to your surroundings, from an approaching car in the street to hearing instructions in a crowded environment. Professor Neil Bhattacharyaat of Harvard Medical School attributes our hearing as having “a tremendous protective role.” He explains that “if you can’t hear well, you lose that crucial warning system that would signal to you that a car or truck is driving up behind you while you’re biking, for example.”

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