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Tips To Protect Your Hearing in the Fall

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As the leaves start to change color, it signals that fall is on the way. It’s a beautiful season, but unfortunately it can also bring some threats to your hearing. Whether you have a diagnosed hearing loss or not, we have some tips to help protect your hearing.

Sounds of the Season

The cooler weather brings a mixture of fun and challenging things to our lives. There are a lot of things about the fall that expose us to loud noise and this can pose the risk of noise induced hearing loss. Even when temporary, it’s uncomfortable and often accompanied by tinnitus symptoms. But if the exposure is repeated you may even end up with permanent damage to your hearing.

Exposure to sounds over 80dB for a prolonged period can cause damage. But the louder the sound, the quicker damage can occur. 

Here are some of the fall related sounds to be aware of …

Feeling the Chill

The cold itself is also a potential problem for your ears, as we discussed in our blog on about how the cold affects your hearing. Use earmuffs, an ear covering headband or a hat with ear flaps to protect your ears from the cold and excess water vapour in the air.

Also help your immune system by eating plenty of vitamin dense foods and getting enough exercise in order to fend off any seasonal ailments such as colds. Here is some more helpful advice.

What to Do

Awareness of noises is only part of protecting your hearing. Owning and using suitable protection is another. We recommend ear plugs or over ear headphones for any noisy activities, (you can also find bespoke ear plugs made to suit your ears).

If you are concerned about the cold affecting your hearing aid or you wish to have a check up before the cold weather returns, come in and see our hearing care team. Please call us on 507-208-7002 or click here to book your next appointment today.

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