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Tips to Adjust to Your New Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids and other assisted hearing devices are great tools for individuals who are suffering from a variety of hearing loss. The adjustment period that comes after being fitted for your specialized hearing aid can be a tough time. Getting used to hearing aids is both a physical and emotional experience. We’ve put together some tips to make the adjustment easier.

It’s important to note that hearing aids are not meant to fix your hearing 100% – they are a great resource and tool to get you as close to you optimal hearing as possible. Because there are so many factors to consider when starting to wear your new hearing device, it’s good to remember that with some adjustments to your device and some routine, you’re hearing will accommodate and adapt to your new hearing aid in no time! A hearing aid’s job is to amplify sound to help you hear it, and understand it better. That being said, there are some things you can do to help better adapt to your new assisted device and get even better results.

Be patient – At first, it may be wise to only wear your hearing aid a few hours at a time. It’s going to take some getting used to, having a new device in your ear. The look and feeling of it may catch you off guard. It’s ok! The more you use it, the less you’ll notice this new change. If how it looks bothers you, consider changing your hairstyle or wearing a hat that can help conceal it.

Start out slow and quiet – When you first try out your new aid, it might be a good idea to do it in a quiet room, and keep things nice and quiet. Adjusting the volume too much can be problematic, so if you don’t have a lot of ambient noise or too many people talking, you can better focus on adjustments you may need to make to get the optimal assistance from your new hearing aid.

Practice active listening with friends and family – Having a hearing impairment likely means you’ve grown accustomed to having the T.V. up louder, or having your friends and family talk louder while you’re near. A great way to help your brain reconnect appropriate sound with voices and active conversation is by engaging your friends and family in group conversations. Make sure you’re attentive and looking at the speaker, then ask them to carry a conversation with others. This will help your brain identify familiar sounds and will also help you re-establish the connection between voices and people. Watch tv at a normal level and really focus on what you’re watching. Turning on the captions is a great way to make your brain really pay attention to the sounds it’s hearing.

Read aloud – When you sit down with a book in hand, simply read the words out loud as you go along. Again this will help your brain make the connection between words and sounds, and hearing your own voice helps gauge those new auditory connections your brain is having to remember.

Set reasonable goals – You’ve lived your life with a hearing impairment and that was enough of a struggle. Don’t be over ambitious and set frustrating goals that might hinder your progress. Keep a positive mindset, ask for assistance from friends and family and make sure you go to all your follow up appointments. The process can feel daunting but the very best positive results are 100% obtainable!

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