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Remote Working Tips for the Hearing Impaired

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Data from the US Census indicated that in 2017, 8 million Americans worked from home. That translates into roughly 5.2% of workers. Working remotely is increasingly more common, as employees and employers alike can benefit from this working relationship.

In recent weeks, the number of Americans working from home has skyrocketed. As governments and businesses respond to the COVID-19 crisis, working from home is being encouraged wherever possible. A survey released by YouGov indicates that almost 30% of the U.S. workforce are currently working remotely.

This dramatic shift in working patterns is requiring employees and employers alike to adapt. For employees with a hearing impairment, this adaptation can pose unique challenges.

Employees who work with a hearing impairment are likely well-versed in communication techniques for in-office communication. Facing the person speaking to you, clear and direct communication, lip reading and using assistive hearing devices are just a few.

Working remotely, however, requires a team approach to ensure success on behalf of normal hearing and hearing impaired employees.

Remote Working Tips for the Hearing Impaired

Video conferencing is the norm in our current situation of social distancing. While video conferences can simulate a face-to-face working environment, it can also pose challenges for those with a hearing impairment.

Some of these unique challenges can include: 

Making it easy for hearing impaired and normal hearing employees to hear well takes a group effort. Some tips to help include: 

It’s very possible that our current reality is going to re-shape the working environment around the world. Remote working may become more of the norm. Ensuring that everyone is able to understand and communicate clearly will make working remotely far easier.

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