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New Year, New Ears!

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Welcome 2019! Many of you may have made new year’s resolutions, and hopefully they’re still going strong. Perhaps this is the year you’ve committed to better health, but have you considered your hearing health as a part of it? Good health and hearing are important for a good quality of life. So this year, we’re encouraging new year, new ears!

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The best way to start your journey toward better hearing is by booking in for a hearing assessment. If you’ve never had a hearing assessment, or if it’s been a while since your last one, we recommend booking an appointment. The process is simple and painless, but important for us to establish a baseline for your current hearing levels.

We recommend regular hearing assessments. We get our eyes checked on a yearly basis, and we suggest the same frequency for your ears. Changes in your hearing can be subtle and gradual, without symptoms and easily go unnoticed for long periods.


Treatment for hearing loss depends on the condition, but most treatment options include hearing aids. Today’s devices have advanced so much that they can be barely visible. Some devices have Bluetooth enabled or wireless connectivity. They can be used in conjunction with apps, personal amplification devices, smart jewelry and clever products such as alarm clocks, a doorbell or your television too. At Clearwave Hearing, we have a variety of hearing aid devices to fit your lifestyle and needs.


The benefits to looking after your hearing health are widespread. Hearing loss has been linked with depression, cognitive decline and the increased chances of accidents such as slips or trips. Some of the benefits of improved hearing health include:

There are many more benefits to getting your hearing loss treated. If you’re ready for a new year, new ears, we’d love to book you in for a hearing assessment. Call today on (507) 208-7002, or click here to request an appointment.

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