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Hearing Aid Technology: How to Choose the Right Hearing Aid for You

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If you’ve been diagnosed with hearing loss, you’re not alone. It is estimated that almost 38 million Americans have hearing loss. For many, hearing aids help to correct hearing loss and improve overall quality of life.

With the many choices available, buying the right hearing aid for you can be a challenge. Both your lifestyle and the noise environments you are regularly in will play a role in the best hearing aid for you. Consider the following scenarios to help narrow down your choices.

What is your lifestyle like?

Lifestyle is one of the biggest factors to take into consideration when you’re choosing a hearing aid. Are you frequently in noisy environments? Do you often go to bars or restaurants. Perhaps you’re an avid sports enthusiast, or you watch a lot of TV. Considering your day to day lifestyle is important when selecting the solution that’s right for you.

How comfortable are you with new technology?

There’s no denying that the hearing aid technology of today is very different to what it was 10 years ago! Depending on your level of comfort with technology can help narrow down the listening aid devices you should be looking at. Do you want to consider Bluetooth compatibility? How about hearing aids that can link to a smartphone app?

Have you previously worn hearing aids?

If you’ve previously used hearing aids, what is it that you did, or did not, like about the model you had? Where there features that you loved, and why? Was there anything that you’d change?

Speaking to a hearing care professional is an important step in choosing the hearing aid that’s right for you. By having the answers to the above questions ready in advance of your appointment, you can work with your hearing care professional to find the style that is best suited to your budget, lifestyle and hearing loss. Contact us today to schedule your appointment now.

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