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How to Adjust to New Hearing Aids

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Are you new to hearing aids? Are you aware that it may take months to feel completely adjusted to wearing your new device? At first, everything may seem loud, the pitch of the telephone may seem shrill, the hum of the refrigerator may be highly distracting, but not to worry. Although it can be an overwhelming time, it will get better.

Here are some helpful tips for first-time hearing aid users:

Keep a hearing journal – Accepting that you have a hearing loss is a difficult first step, keeping a journal will help you look back and recognise how far you have come.

Be positive – You are far more likely to succeed on this journey to better hearing if you can muster a positive attitude. Accept that any discomfort is temporary, and the payoff is huge!

Be curious – Take some time to learn about how hearing works. This will help you understand how the brain works in cooperation with your other senses, i.e to help you know where a sound is coming from.

Have realistic expectations – Your hearing loss will most likely have taken time to occur and a hearing aid cannot instantly restore all that has been lost. Now that you’re hearing sounds that you have been missing, it can all be overwhelming. Accept it will take time to relearn some listening skills and for your brain to create new neural connections.

The more you wear your hearing aid, the quicker these things happen and the less energy and concentration it takes. Think of the process much the same as learning to drive or starting a new fitness regime. (Be sure to get plenty of rest too.)

Patience and persistence – It can feel uncomfortable when you first start wearing a hearing aid. We recommend you gradually build up how long you wear it for. Start with an hour a day in a quiet, comfortable environment. Before you know it, you’ll be wearing them all day. Remember to remove them at night to give your ears and brain a rest.

Don’t change any settings! – Things will seem loud; this is normal! Please try to avoid changing the volume or settings. Remember that your brain is simply adjusting to a new baseline hearing level. If after a few days of wearing your hearing aids you’re still finding things too loud, book an appointment with your hearing healthcare practitioner. They’ll be able to check the settings of your hearing aids are suited to your day-to-day environment.

Try to make it fun – You don’t have to just wait for things to get better, there are some fun activities that will help you adjust quicker:

We know that adjusting to new hearing aids can be challenging. If you’d like to discuss further, the team at Clear Wave Hearing Center would be happy to help. Give our hearing care professionals a call on 507-208-7002 or click here to book a consultation.

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