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Hearing connects people, serves as a vital source of information and makes life richer. That is why Clear Wave Hearing Center makes an effort with every client to understand their world.

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According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, hearing loss is the third most common health condition among adults. Our experts can help you stay connected and thrive in daily life. Understand where your strengths and areas of weakness lie so you can take steps toward improvement. Learn what to expect on your first visit with our experienced and reliable experts.

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How Hearing Works

Understand how the seamless teamwork between your ears and your brain impacts so many functions. Our outer ears do much more than just hold glasses or show off earrings. Find out their key role in listening.

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Listen "in Stereo"

More than just for enjoying music, you need input from both ears to fully engage the brain, use spacial awareness and identify sounds correctly. We help you understand the importance of hearing well in both ears and how to achieve excellent hearing "in stereo."

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Impacts of Hearing Loss

Learn the causes and what they can mean for your well-being. We offer resources for avoiding loneliness, improving mental acuity and engaging with your environment.

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Signs of Hearing Loss

How do you know when you need to seek help, or if your deficiency is no big deal? If you have been told one too many times that "you should get your hearing tested," it might be time to learn know what is normal and what indicates significant loss.

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Preventing Hearing Loss

It is never too late to take these steps to prevent further deterioration. More than one of five senses, your hearing is an important resource. There are many options for protecting your ears and avoiding exposure to harmful noise.

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As a company focused on care, our team at Clear Wave Hearing Center is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our customers and staff. Together with our communities, we pledge to do everything we can to ensure you have a safe visit as we honor our mission to help people hear better.