Types of Hearing Loss

Make Sound Decisions: Know the Types of Hearing Loss

Part of our mission at Clear Wave Hearing Center is to educate you on hearing and audiology. It is important to understand that there are three types of hearing loss. They are sensorineural, conductive and mixed hearing loss, which includes components of both. The first step to finding solutions is identifying your type of hearing loss. This helps our hearing practitioners and you identify options and prevent further deterioration or damage. We will then explain the alternatives so you can make the best choice for your particular situation.

Sensorineural hearing loss and you

The most common type of loss, this happens when the ear’s sensory cells and/or nerves are damaged or harmed. This occurs often in older adults who lose their hearing gradually over time. Although permanent, we have options with a high degree of success.

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Conductive hearing loss

This type of hearing loss happens when sound waves cannot penetrate from the outer ear to the inner ear, sometimes due to a blockage, infection or trauma in the middle ear. Good news: this may be reversible.

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The buzz word: tinnitus

If you are experiencing ringing, buzzing, clicking or other sounds that have no explainable origin, you likely have tinnitus. This is not an illness, but a symptom that often accompanies hearing deficits.

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