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Your hearing aids are modern technical devices, so thorough care and maintenance are key. Clean your hearing aids often. When you purchase new hearing aids, our team at Clear Wave Hearing Center will teach you the proper cleaning techniques. If you need a refresher course, do not hesitate to ask.

Tips for keeping hearing aids clean

A few general tips to keep in mind regardless of brand:

In addition, remember to:

If you are experiencing feedback and you have cleaned your hearing aids, make sure to give us a call, as it may indicate that something is wrong.

Troubleshooting for your hearing aid

If your device stops working:

If device produces feedback:

Dos and Don’ts when getting used to new hearing aids


Do not:

Hearing aid repair

Even if you take excellent care of your hearing aids, they may need a professional to adjust them. A battery door may be loose, or the sound may need an adjustment. Maybe the hearing aids were exposed to moisture or were cracked. Clear Wave Hearing Center is here to help.

When possible, we will repair your hearing aids onsite while you wait. In some cases, we can return them to the manufacturer, who has the tools and expertise to fix specialized issues.

Warranty info

Information on your product’s warranty is available from the manufacturer, generally online. Please call (507) 208-7002 for aid-specific information. If you did not purchase your device from us and have questions regarding the warranty, you will likely have to address your needs directly with the manufacturer.

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As a company focused on care, our team at Clear Wave Hearing Center is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our customers and staff. Together with our communities, we pledge to do everything we can to ensure you have a safe visit as we honor our mission to help people hear better.