Affordability of Hearing Aids

Curbing the cost of hearing health

With prices that run between $700 and $3500 per device, depending on the technology, style and type, we understand you have concerns about the cost of hearing aids. At Clear Wave Hearing Center, we are troubled about the rising cost of healthcare, too. That said, it is important to appreciate the expenses in producing hearing aids and how you will benefit from wearing them. Get started with a free hearing assessment*.

Investing in your hearing and well-being makes sense

Hearing well is essential to your career, social interactions and happiness. In fact, researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that, left untreated, hearing loss is linked to increased prevalence of dementia. That is why our hearing care professionals work with you to identify the right hearing aid to meet your needs, including your budget.

Did you know that, in some instances, hearing aids are covered by insurance?

Covering the costs

Tailored minicomputers hidden in your ears

As with many technological devices, there are costs associated with tailor-made electronics. Keep in mind that:

  • Our hearing aids are molded, wired and programmed individually for your ears, mostly by hand
  • You will wear these devices all day, every day, so they need to fit perfectly – or close to it
  • If improperly fitted or programmed, hearing aids are more likely to cause issues such as feedback
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