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Protect your ears no matter your lifestyle

At Clear Wave Hearing Center, we offer specialized ear protection, amplification devices, batteries and other accessories to enhance your listening experience.

Take advantage of technology

Did you know that with the right apps and accessories, your hearing aid can connect you with the lights, TV and alarms in your home? Depending on the make and model, your hearing aids go far beyond amplifying sounds. With the right accessories, you can:

Protect your ears and love what you do

Some professional musicians need specialized sound protection that allows the ability to hear an individual’s music but drowns out dangerously loud peripheral sound. Others, from the standard industrial worker to the most famous professional athlete, may find value in soundproof protection while on the job. We have tailor-made hearing protection that sits comfortably – and unobtrusively – in your ear canal. Your hearing is an investment worth protecting.

Interested in professional-grade hearing protection that is crafted specifically to your ears? Make an appointment. Remember - if you work in an exceptionally loud environment, OSHA requires employers to provide hearing protection for exposure to sounds higher than 90 decibels. Even if you spend time surrounded by noise slightly under this level, speak with your hearing care professional about what solution would best protect your hearing. Remember, sensorineural hearing loss is permanent but totally avoidable.

There is an app for that

Did you know that there are apps for ears and hearing? We are happy to discuss options that you can download to your smartphone. Until then, we can suggest Oticon's tinnitus therapy app. While designed for those who suffer from tinnitus, in addition to sound therapy, the program includes relaxation techniques to help anyone fall asleep, even without hearing loss.

Certain hearing aids have specific apps to optimize their functionality. Your hearing care professional can walk you through the specifics depending on your unique needs.

Batteries and rechargeable options

Batteries are your hearing aids’ lifeline, and you need them to stay powered and connected. Therefore, Clear Wave Hearing Center always keeps plenty of high-quality batteries in stock – and we strongly suggest you keep supplies at home and work. Depending on your use and the style of your aid, batteries can last up to 10 days. Generally, your hearing aids will give a few warning beeps before your batteries die. Once you replace your batteries, you will be good to go. Remember to turn off your hearing aids when not in use.

Recharge your hearing aids while you sleep

We are pleased to offer the ZPower™ rechargeable system for new and current Oticon Opn™ miniRITE hearing aids users. For more information, ask your hearing care provider.

Your ears deserve an extra boost with assistive listening devices

Hearing aids are not the only technology that you can rely on to improve your listening experience. We offer a variety of products to enhance your world.

  • Accessories to allow phone calls to stream directly to your hearing aids
  • TV adapters and remote controls, to stream sound directly to your hearing aids
  • Gadgets that help with tinnitus

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