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Exercises for Your Hearing

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Did you know that June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month? You may not think that Alzheimer’s has any connection to hearing loss, but ongoing research is showing a link between the two. Although hearing loss doesn’t mean that you will develop Alzheimer’s, minimizing the risk of hearing loss can also reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

To help keep your hearing at its best, below are some simple exercises for your hearing.

Daily Exercises For Your Hearing

These daily activities don’t require any special equipment other than a willing partner!

If you don’t have a partner readily available, try these activities instead.

Games for Your Hearing

Alongside your daily activities, there are games that can help exercise your hearing.

Online Programs for Your Hearing

Challenge your hearing with these online programs.

At Clear Wave Hearing Center, we have a results oriented approach and we believe that better informed patients make better choices. For more information about the links between hearing loss and your memory, check out our blog on Memory Function and Hearing Loss: What You Need to Know. If it’s time to book in your annual hearing assessment, or if you suspect that your hearing may have changed, don’t delay in booking in an appointment today. Give us a call on on 507-208-7002 or click here to request an appointment online.

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