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Do’s And Don’ts With Your Hearing Aid

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Your hearing aid is an advanced piece of technology which can maximize your hearing experience. To help you make the most of your hearing device, we have compiled a list of tips, as well as do’s and don’ts. Read on, whether you’re a first time hearing aid user or a long-time wearer.

General Advice

When to wear and when not to

It is recommended to wear hearing aids most of the day. However, if this is your first pair you will need to build up the time you feel comfortable with them in. But remember, it can take a while to get used the sensation of hearing with them and also with how it fits.

There are times it is not recommended to wear your hearing aids…

Hearing Aid Do’s and Don’ts

Hearing Aid Maintenance

Above all, do persevere with your hearing aids. It takes time to get used to them, but amongst other health benefits they can help keep your brain sharp for longer. If you would like further advice on any of the points raised, please do get in touch. Request an appointment today, or call us on (507) 208-7002.

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