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Anxiety and Hearing Loss: What’s The Connection?

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Are one of the almost 38 million Americans who experiences difficulty hearing? If so, you have likely felt the impact of your hearing loss on your quality of life.

Hearing loss can affect our lives in a variety of ways. Communication becomes more challenging. Social gatherings can be more stressful. It can be more difficult to enjoy some of the simpler things in life, like a family meal out.

Anxiety and Hearing Loss: What’s the Connection?

Has your hearing loss ever left you feeling anxious? Have you been concerned about attending a social gathering because of your hearing? Have you avoided certain situations due to safety concerns?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these statements – do not worry. You are not alone.

A Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology review looked at 25 different studies that combined data from 17,000 people. Their research helps highlight how feelings of anxiety may increase as hearing loss worsens.

10 of the studies evaluated looked at people with hearing loss compared to those with normal hearing. 8 of the studies found that people with hearing loss or tinnitus were more likely to have anxiety.

The studies also found that people with more severe hearing loss or tinnitus had greater levels of anxiety. Promisingly, treating the hearing loss helped reduce these feelings of anxiety.

There are a number of anxiety disorders that were shown to potentially worsen with hearing loss. These included: 

The evidence is clear – Treating a hearing loss can help reduce feelings of anxiety. 

If you suspect that you have a hearing loss, you may be feeling anxious about booking an assessment. We understand; it can be scary. We’ve put together a guide to help you understand what to expect at your hearing assessment.

If you would like to speak to a hearing specialist, the team at Clear Wave Hearing Center would be happy to help. Call us on (864) 546-5708 or click here to request an appointment now.

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