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8 Reasons to be Thankful For Hearing Aids

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Thanksgiving is the perfect time to pause and reflect on what we are grateful for. Hearing aids may not be the first thing that spring to your mind. It’s easy to take them for granted, or maybe even to harbor some resentment toward them. But we would like to take this opportunity to list 8 reasons to be thankful for these fantastic, life enhancing devices.

Reasons to be Thankful

  1. Having the option. Although hearing aids can be expensive, we cannot forget how lucky we are to have them as an option. In the past, and even today in certain parts of the world, many individuals do not have the option.
  2. Having a choice. Hearing technology offers tailored solutions for treating hearing loss conditions that suit all lifestyles. Various styles, sizes and colors of hearing aids are available with several different features, accessories and apps. Add to this other products such as amplification devices, cochlear implants etc.
  3. The stigma is changing. The stigma of hearing loss is fast changing with more individuals working, socialising and participating in activities more confidently. Hearing technology has become less obvious and bulky, and has hugely advanced.
  4. Directional microphones. Hearing aids have built-in directional microphones, which help you determine where a sound is coming from and if it is background noise or speech. This helps you know what to focus on.
  5. Health benefits. Studies have shown that using a hearing aid to treat hearing loss has many additional health benefits such as improving quality of life, reducing the chances of depression, social isolation and Dementia.
  6. Improved communication. Hearing Aids can greatly improve communication by giving back the sounds you hadn’t realised were lost. Missing high frequency sounds like the consonants ‘s’ ‘h’ and ‘f’ ‘k’ or ‘t’ or the sounds ‘ch’ or ‘sh’ ‘th’ makes some words difficult to understand.
  7. Sounds of the world. Some simple everyday pleasures return to you again. Bird song, bees buzzing, or the wind in the trees to name a few.
  8. Reminder of their importance. Every time you remove your hearing aids, clean them and reinsert them – you have the opportunity to acknowledge how much they do for you. Things instantly sound more sharp and loud. This helps demonstrate how easily we adapt to a slow reduction of sound in our life.

Your Hearing Aid works hard every time you use it to enrich your hearing experience. Don’t take it for granted – regular maintenance and check ups are important. If either of these things are due, or you feel that something isn’t quite right with your hearing or your device. Please call today on (507) 208-7002, or click here to request an appointment.

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