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7 Must-Have Hearing Aid Accessories

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Did you know that every May we celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month? The theme for 2019 is ‘Communication Across the Lifespan’. If you have a hearing loss and wear a hearing aid, you are likely well aware of how much of a life-changing investment it can be. To make the most out of your hearing aids, we’ve put together 7 must-have hearing aid accessories.


Batteries are the lifeline of your hearing aid. Although it may seem like a fairly obvious accessory, running out of battery power in your hearing aid has a direct impact on your ability to communicate.

Devices can be rechargeable. at Clear Wave Hearing Center we are pleased to offer the ‘Zpower’ rechargeable system for new and current ‘Opticon Opn’ ‘miniRITE’ hearing aid users. (All rechargeable devices require their own charger.)

If your device uses disposable batteries, then we strongly suggest that you keep spare batteries with you at all times. Batteries can last up to 10 days, but do remember to switch off your device when it’s not in use.

Cleaning Kit

Your hearing aid is a piece of modern technology that needs thorough care and maintenance. When you purchase new hearing aids, our team at Clear Wave Hearing Center will teach you the proper cleaning techniques. (We are also on hand for repairs if they’re ever needed!) Regular cleaning keeps your device working effectively. A cleaning kit should include all the items you require including a storage case.


If you are active, frequently go from hot to cold environments or you live in a humid area, we recommend investing in a hearing aid dehumidifier. Store your device overnight in one of these to remove condensation and preserve your hearing aids.

Bluetooth Compatible Technology

If you have a Bluetooth compatible device, there are many innovative products that could benefit you. For example, if you find background noise challenging, a wireless microphone in a central position will transmit conversation directly to your hearing aid, enabling you to more fully engage. A phone clip can do a similar thing, streaming calls, music and other audio straight to your hearing aid from a smartphone.

Caption Phone

A qualified hearing specialist can provide you with proof of your hearing loss and the need for a hearing aid compatible phone. That could entitle you to a caption telephone. This useful accessory shows a text of the conversation coming through the telephone for you to read along.

Note: This type of accessory may need a broadband internet connection.

Remote Control

A hearing aid remote control enables you to easily change the settings and volume of your device without removing it. You can also switch between audio sources and check your remaining battery level.

Television Streaming

It can be frustrating when watching television with others if you need the volume at a different level. A television streaming device sends the audio directly to your hearing aid at your desired volume, meaning you can all enjoy your favorite shows together!

If you’d like more information on accessories for your hearing aids, come in and speak with the hearing care professionals at Clear Wave Hearing Center. Call us on 507-208-7002, or click here to request an appointment online.

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