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6 Tips To Prevent Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss can’t always be prevented – sometimes it’s just part of getting older. But there are ways that you can protect your hearing to help reduce the risk of hearing loss.

1. Take precautions at work

Do you work in a noisy environment, such as a factory? If so, you may be putting your hearing at risk. In such environments, your employer should have a hearing protection program in place. But you can offer yourself additional precautionary measures by wearing earplugs, earmuffs or noise-cancelling headphones.

2. Limit your exposure to loud environments

Concerts, sports arenas, bars and live music events will all expose you to a louder than normal environment. While these are great fun, they can also potentially damage your hearing. To mitigate the risk, try the following:

3. Opt for headphones, not earbuds

Headphones often offer better sound quality than earbuds. In addition to improved sound, headphones are often far more efficient at blocking outside noises, meaning you are able to enjoy your music at a lower volume.

4. Practice the “60/60” rule

When listening to music, practicing the “60/60” rule can be an easy way to help protect your hearing. Simply listen to your music at 60% of the maximum volume for no longer than 60 minutes at a time. After this, take a break! A short 5 or 10 minute break can do wonders to help protect your hearing.

5. A healthy lifestyle will lead to healthier ears

Exercise, good food and proper nutrients will all help lead to a healthier lifestyle. With a balanced combination of all three, you can help protect your ears.

6. If you have hearing loss, get a hearing aid

If you struggle with hearing loss, get a hearing aid, as opposed to a hearing amplifier. Hearing amplifiers are generally designed to help people hear when engaging in activities such as bird watching, as opposed to helping with hearing loss.

If you are at risk of hearing loss, for example you work in a loud environment, regular appointments with your hearing care provider can help to catch signs of hearing loss early. Contact us today to schedule in an appointment, and find out how we can help to protect your hearing.

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